Apex Magazine 113 October 2018

F.E.B.M.E. Kupferschmied

This is a review of the four fiction stories in Apex Magazine 113. All stories will be published on their website in the near future, I will update this post with the corresponding links but I strongly encourage you, dear reader, should you enjoy these stories, to purchase an issue of Apex Magazine 113 or even better, to become a subscriber to Apex Magazine.

The reviews of the storys will reflect their length, I will not tell you plot points and stuff like that, for that, you can read them yourselves. I will share some quick thoughts and impressions of these stories and reviews might contain some spoilers. Be aware.

With Lips Sewn Shut by Kristi DeMeester

This story can be read for free online on the magazine’s site. There is also an audio version to be found on the same site.

A very allegory-rich story. It hinged a little too much on its allegoric force for my opinion. A little more clarity would not have been the baddest thing. However, the setting and the tone are incredible. I felt the brothers’ breath down my neck, I felt my missing voice due to the sewn-shut lips, and I felt hopeless.

If a story manages to evocate such feelings, it is worth reading.

Bargains by the Slant-Light by Cassandra Khaw

This story can be read for free online on the magazine’s site.

A short flash fiction story. Hauntingly beautiful.

The Standard of Ur by Hassan Abdulrazzak

This story can be read for free online on the magazine’s site.

The longest story in the current issue and a very good one, also. The end felt a little forced to me but a nice futuristic setting, interesting characters and just enough mystery made me like this story instantly.

For Sale: Fantasy Coffins by Chesya Burke

This story can be read for free online on the magazine’s site.

What an incredibly moving story. It happens almost never that a story moves me to tears but this one did. It is a reprint originally published in 2015. My absolute highlight of this issue. Go read it! It is so, so good.

General Impression I really, really liked this issue. It was my first issue of Apex Magazine and I liked every single story. See you next month, Apex Magazine 114 will be discussed.

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